Are You Walking In Your Kung Fu Shoes ?

Kung Fu Shoes – I don’t mean literally

Kung Fu ShoesMaybe it’s just me or maybe you know what I am talking about. Many moons ago, my father taught to have honor and respect for all martial arts. In today’s world though it seems that many martial art practitioners do nothing but slam other people and styles.

Where is the universal respect? I gravitated towards the martial arts because of the values that I learned from training. Maybe your sitting there right now and you are also wondering where did all the love go.

My best guess is commercialism has gotten the best of the martial arts community. Certainly if you look hard enough you can find people who inspire and command respect.

What does it mean to wear your kung fu shoes?

It means getting up everyday and respecting the person next to you. It means training and leaving your ego at the door. It means finding the value in all the martial arts. Like humanity martial arts all started from the same root.  [Read more...]

How To Learn Kung Fu Online – Overcoming Obstacles To Get What You Want

How To Learn Kung Fu OnlineIt can be difficult to find a kung fu school locally. I should say to find a kung fu school that will teach you what you want to learn. After all their are literally hundred’s of kung fu styles in the the world. There are many different styles of kung fu that you can learn online.

So you want to know how to learn kung fu online. To start with you are more than likely going to need a training partner. While there are lot’s of solo training drills that you can do. In the kung fu world sparring and sensitivity training those 2 skill sets can only be honed with a partner.

If you have absolutely nobody to train with you can still develop your skill sets. After all martial arts isn’t just about fighting. There are many different heath benefits to be gained through kung fu training. [Read more...]

Kung Fu Action Is Heating Up In July

Kung Fu Action – Enter Shaolin Hosting Their Second Webinar

The first webinar Enter Shaolin did went very well. This one promises to be even better. Here what Sifu Phu has to say about it.


This one is going to hit some grappling hot buttons. We don’t do Jujitsu so the information you will be getting from this seminar is about grappling through the eyes of a Kung Fu practitioner.

People really loved our first webinar so if you have the time I highly recommend that you try and attend our next one. The best part is it’s FREE! If you can’t make it live that’s okay you can always catch the replay.

In this webinar…

You will learn about our Ngo Dac Na fundamental grappling and locking techniques WARNING: This is NOT BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) grappling. Instead we will teach you the Ngo Dac Na way of grappling, as well as teach you some of our locking techniques.

You are going to learn:

  • What To Do In Grappling Situations
  • How To Not Strain When Applying Locks
  • How To Use Energy Opposed To Strength
  • How To Use Technique As Opposed To Force

You will also learn:

  • How To Use Dead Weight
  • Channeling On The Ground
  • The Bite
  • Balancing Your Locks
  • Understanding The Principles Of Locking

This is going to be a live event, so mark your calendar and be prepared to learn!

Click This Link To Register Today!

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