How To Set Your Wing Chun Kung Fu Hands

Wing Chun Kung FuOne of the problems Wing Chun Practitioners have is the tend to over commit themselves when they are parrying and deflecting. This happens for a number of different reasons. One of those reasons is because people’s adrenaline gets out of control.

When you’re training in wing chun martial arts one of the best weapons you have is your hands. The ability to move seamlessly from one hand position to the next is one of the trademarks of good wing chun kung fu. Because so much emphasis is placed on the hands it’s common for a person to create a bad habit of throwing their defenses rather than placing them. [Read more…]

Tai Chi A Deadly Art Or Total Bull Crap You Tell Me

Learn Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan has been known by many different names. One of the more common ones is called the “Supreme Ultimate Fist“.  Tai Chi’s origins like many things lost to history is shrouded in mystery. Some things I’ve read date Tai Chi to the 1800’s others date the orgins back even further. The reality is it really is hard to date any of the martial arts because we can see instances of martial arts throughout antiquity.

Ancient Martial ArtsWhile many martial artist will tell you that their system started at such and such date or that their style originated from such and such place I believe their is a much bigger picture. I believe that martial arts has been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time.  Because there is so much information it’s up to you the student to study all the information and see where it leads you.

I caution you though to take everything you read with a grain of salt. Unfortunately things like ego and pride jade the truth. So you will have to look at all the data that we have available and decide for yourself what sounds true to you.  [Read more…]

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    While this kung fu technique I am going to share with you applies to Wing Chun it can also apply to any martial art. Because the ability to channel energy throughout the body is universal. It's not just a Wing chun thing or Tai Chi thing. It can apply to Karate, Jujitsu, Akido or any martial…
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The Top 4 Questions Asked About Learning Kung Fu – The Truth Seeker Within

online kung fu lessonsI know you are out there looking for “the way”. Maybe you’re the type of person that wants to improve your martial arts. Maybe you just want to start learning martial arts. To be honest the only way you will truly find what you are looking for is to be humble.

I know that you are that person because you are reading this blog post. So that is a good first step to finding what you are looking for. People want to get involved with kung fu for different reasons, maybe it’s for self defense, maybe it’s for self enlightenment. I don’t know what your reason is but what ever it is that’s okay with me.

I am only guessing, but I think you are looking for the truth. Here are the top 4 questions asked about Learning Kung Fu. [Read more…]

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