7 Minute Workout Review – How To Get Your Martial Arts Training FREE!

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7 minute Workout Review –  We All Need This!

Besides writing in this particular blog I am also involved with online network marketing.  Over the years I have been able to pay for private lessons with my Sifu because of the extra money I make marketing online. I found an all in one solution to getting more money to train :)

The only reason I am doing a 7 minute workout review on this blog is because it is the only network marketing opportunity I could find that all practicing martial artist could easily sell.

Even better if you follow the program you will be in the best shape of your life.

7 minute Workout Review –  Fitness First

Let’s put this in context a bit… If you are studying a martial art besides just your martial training you need to also exercise. Many of my students complain about not having enough time in the day to get it all done.  I am sure there are many of you that feel the exact same way.  The fitness industry would have us believe that we need to train p90x or insanity type workout programs to get into great shape. That simply isn’t true, you can follow workout routine that only takes 7 minutes to complete per session that will have you building solid muscle guaranteed.  Everyone has 7 minutes somewhere in their day.

7 Minute Workout Review – Is This A Scam?

At first I was skeptical about this program, that was until I started doing it.  I have been training many years and didn’t fully realize just how much I was over – training my muscles. So much in fact that I am positive I was cannibalizing my muscles.  Long story short –> Their is nothing fishy about this company. The owners are reputable everything is on the up and up. This is a great product people with vision will make a ton of money. I Highly recommend you talking a look at 7 minute workout if:

  • You Want To Loose Weight And Gain Muscle While Earning Money

  • You Want To Supplement Your Income

  • If You Need To Earn Extra Money To Train

I believe the best type of martial arts lessons to take are always private lessons. They are worth the cost only problem is they can be very expensive.  7 minute workout has a great business opportunity attached to it. You could easily earn a decent income from this program.

Does Eating High Protein Reduced carb Meals Really Allow you to Slim down

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Yes, eating high protein reduced carb meals can help you lose weight but it could be at the expense of your health. Followers of these kinds of diets end up finding that they are afflicted by digestive problems. Some experienced kidney disorders whilst a whole lot took to chewing mints or gum to prevent the bad breath associated with this diet regime.
So what really works to help you lose fat? Generally it is best to do is stop trying to complicate fat reduction. In order to lose that fat, most people need to do more exercise and consume less food. If you are serious about weight loss, you have to get up. You should walk a minimum of 10,000 steps every day. The average person manages to walk less than 5000.

You might want to make positive changes to diet. Many of us have been misled via the numerous diet experts that have been quoted from the press through the years. Professionals have told us that we should eat more protein. They say to cut dairy foods out of our diet and to only eat one egg a week. Then they change their minds and say that eggs don’t cause cholesterol and that we should consume more.

What is the ordinary person intended to do? Apart from pursuing the high protein low carbohydrate trend, why don’t you start out looking at your diet plan as a whole? Are you currently eating your five portions of fruit and vegetables every day? Do you look at the GI index of the foods you eat?

Research has shown that consuming foods which have been low on the GI index increases your energy levels and definately will also boost your mood. The major benefit of eating carbohydrates is they release serotonin – the calming hormone that affects our mood. This might explain why people who avoid carbohydrates are often miserable!

Eating meals low on the GI index will lead to a slow and steady release of serotonin and energy which will help to keep you on an even keel. The days of feeling jittery due to a sugar overdoes are gone.

Sugary foods attack your immune system and could even feed cancer. Another reason to avoid eating cakes, biscuits as well as other high GI foods. People who stick to the high protein diets will stop eating bread and as most of us consume too much white bread, this is a good thing. But it would be better to switch to eating granary or wholegrain breads which make the perfect supply of many essential vitamins and minerals.

A lot of people on diets will eat rice cakes as they are low in fat. But what they have no idea is that these rice cakes release glucose quickly. If you don’t use this extra energy, it will be converted to fat and stored on your body anyway. Just something to remember next time you feel a little peckish!

Eating high protein low carb meals may help you to slim down initially but may come at too high a cost to your long term health.

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