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How do you spell the kung fu actors name jimmacata?

Question by Joshuah C: How do you spell the kung fu actors name jimmacata?
very old school white guy beats up all the black ninjas

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Answer by Hood_12
You are actualy trying to find information on the lame ass 1985 movie “Gymkata”.


That site will give you all that you need.

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Kung fu martial arts and kung fu master info – Jian Wei

Kung fu martial arts and kung fu master info – Jian Wei

This article is about the kung fu martial arts and you can find some useful information in it if you are a fan of the kung fu martial arts.

In the kung fu martial arts game of the 11th National Games of China, Jian Wei( a kung fu athlete from Shanghai ) attracts lots of attention. He got the best grade of 9.82 in the spearplay kung fu martial arts competition. The audiences gave him a lot of applause during his spearplay kung fu show. Jian Wei is like a super star in this National Games, he got the best score (9.81) in the sword-play kung fu competition too.

How Jian Wei became a kung fu athlete is very interesting. When he was a kid, he liked watching the famous Chinese kung fu TV show( Huo Yuan Jia ) very much. Huo Yuan Jia (1868 – 1910) is a notable Kung Fu Master in China and this TV show is the most popular TV show in the 1980’s. Jian Wei started his dream of becoming a kung fu master like Huo Yuan Jia since then. His father is a kung fu actor in the Beijing opera shows and this also gave him a lot of influences in the kung fu martail arts. Because of these reasons, Jian Wei started to learn kung fu martial arts from the age of 7.

“When I just began my kung fu martial arts trainings, I didn’t think about championship or gold medals at all. I was still that kid dreaming of becoming a kung fu master like Huo Yuan Jia. At first, I always cries when the kung fu trainings are too hard for me. But I never thought of giving up because I have a kung fu master dream. The life in the kung fu schools is not easy but I learned a lot in it and made many good friends there.” Jian Wei said.

From the first kung fu training class, Jian Wei is fascinated with the sword-play. One thing very interesting is that the “Jian” (in his name) means sword in Chinese and maybe this is why he likes the sword so much. :-)  He attended many kung fu competitions and his good coordinating ability and malleability helped him to win the gold medal in the Children National Games of China in 1993. He was also discovered by Zhongping Yang (coach of the Shanghai Sports School) during this competition. “Shanghai is the biggest city of China and I can get better kung fu martial arts trainings there. So I decided to move to Shanghai in 1993. In the Shanghai Sports School, I can study other things like English and computer too.” He said.

Jian Wei has many hobbies. He once won the “Top 10 pop music singers of campus” in the Shanghai Sports School. “When I was a junior student in college, I attended a pop music competition. It was just for fun and I didn’t even think of winning something. The ‘Top 10 pop music singers of campus’ is a big surprise to me. :-)  ” He said.

Jian Wei likes dancing too. He believes that he can learn a lot from the dancing and try to find some inspiration from it. “Actually, the kung fu shows is very similar with dancing in my point of view. I used lots of elements of dancing in my kung fu shows.” he said.

After the competitions of the National Games of China, Jian Wei cried. After all, these years of kung fu trainings are not easy. He spent 23 years with the swords and spears. Now he has acomplished his dream and become a real kung fu master. He is planning his retirement today. “My biggest enemy is myself and I wanna show my best in every kung fu shows.” he said.

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Trailer of the tv movie:kung fu(1986)with the great Brandon lee and David Carradine,it was a new project to do a new kung fu tv episodes,but only the pilot episode was done.
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