2 Practice Drills For Training On The Muk Yan Jong

Working With The Muk Yan Jong

Muk Yan Jong Training Recently  We recorded 2 Muk Yan Jong  practice sets for you on YouTube. When working with the jong, focus on technique and structure and not so much on hitting the wood hard. While there is something to be said for conditioning the body. [Read more...]

A Detail Look At Jab Punching

Understanding The Mechanics Of A Jab

The proper application of a jab can be devastating if used correctly and accurately. In this video we look at both offensive and defensive usage of a jab punch.

What is a jab? Basically it is a fast light punch used to set up your opponent. Jabs also are feelers to test out your opponents actions.

A jab allows you to feel your opponent out and set them up. They are linear attacks. The are very quick strikes.

Jabs generally strike to the opponents face.  In this video we break down the jab.


[Update] Jab, punch, body blow! Real Boxing will slug its way to the


Updated with new details and European release info. Click to read the full ‘[Update] Jab, punch, body blow! Real Boxing will slug its way to the Vita for $9.99′ news article. For more Real Boxing news and PlayStation Vita 

Fighting Tips – Jab Punch | dystopianliving.com


October 31, 2013 – Health, Preparedness, Videos – Tagged: fighting, jab, krav maga, punch – no comments. Think you know how to jab? Watch a quick demo by this Karate black belt/certified Krav Maga instructor to make sure you’re doing it 

The Most Important Weapon In Muay Thai Boxing | Muay Thai


Still think the jab isn’t worth the time to develop? What other Muay Thai technique is more versatile than the jab? Benefits of the Jab: Used to set-up other powerful attacks; It’s a fast technique; Counter punching; Measure your 

Balance Is Key To Long Term Kung Fu Training

kung fu training

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When it comes to kung fu  training my advice is to not over train yourself.  You see it all the time, a new student comes into class ready to take on the world. They throw themselves into being the best they can be. There is nothing wrong with that attitude, but some folks want to be the best they can be so bad they end up injuring themselves.  Everyone always wants to know how long is it going to take them to get good.  The truth is the answer doesn’t matter, what matters is that you enjoy doing what you are doing. Martial Arts is not a destination, it is a journey.
real kungfu training

two brothers,li fung and li yuen,are nephews form zhang lipeng aka shi xing peng and been trained bij lipengs father. this is high level kungfu. this was taken in 2002 when i was training there,with them and under great master zhang jian su

Shaolin Kungfu training in Shaolin

Shaolin Kungfu training in a shaolin school in china. Visit www.tai-chi-meixner.de for more details.

kung fu Iron Fist program (pain) Video

kung fu Iron Fist program (pain) Video – The first part of iron fist training. It’s good if you follow this with some form of meditation. Hold off on asking me the secret part of this program until you have gotten to the 100 reps a

Publish Date: 10/10/2010 3:00


Airline Gives Kung Fu Training To New Cabin Crew Members – The

A rep for the airline tells the South China Morning Post that the training in wing chun, a form of kung fu that uses short, sharp movements ideal for close quarters, is being offered to all employees but is mandatory for

Publish Date: 04/19/2011 13:30


Wing Chun Kung fu training – Ways to approach your Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is meant to be a quick impact martial art and this should be drummed into your wing chun training from the very beginning.

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