Keeping It Simple Is Best In A Knife Attack Situation

knife attack - knife defense - knife fightI will be the first one to say, generally speaking in a knife defense / knife attack situation there is a good chance your going to get stabbed or slashed. Rather than trying to avoid getting attacked by a knife it’s a better idea to attack the real weapon instead.

What is the real weapon you might be wondering? That is attacking the arm that is attacking you. The person who wields the knife is the real weapon. The knife is just an extension of the person. [Read more…]

Kung Fu Training – Are you Driving Energy Or Pushing Energy?

Kung Fu TrainingOften times martial art practitioners end up pushing energy rather than driving energy. The result is their attacks aren’t as powerful as they can be and sometimes they tend to over shoot their intended target.

Another problem occurs because ultimately the longer a person practices pushing energy the harder the habit is to break. I know through training with people some folks don’t realize they are pushing energy.

They will swear up and down that they are not pushing energy until I demonstrate to them the difference. Then the process of correcting the bad habit that was formed begins. [Read more…]

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A Simple Technique To Confuse Your Opponents Attack

 Kung Fu Training DrillWhen we are talking about self defense, the faster and easier a technique is the better. Depending on why you are training in martial arts will determine on what you should concentrate on the most.

If for example you want to learn a martial art for the beauty of an art as well as the health benefits of training then learning self defense techniques isn’t a priority for you. [Read more…]

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