Women’s Self Defense – Defending Yourself Against A Front Choke

Women’s Self Defense – Basic Defense When Being Choked From The Front

Today we are going to talk about getting out of a front choke. What is a choke? It’s when people put there hands on you and they want to block the airway from your throat. Defending against a choke is all about physics and application. [Read more...]

How Long Will It Take To Learn Kung Fu?

Learning Kung Fu In Three Easy Steps

martial arts

martial arts (Photo credit: Edwin1710)

In all the years I have studied Kung Fu the question that seems to come up most often is how long does it really take to get good. I remember when I was 8 yrs old studying Karate GoJu. I use to admire the black belts in the school.

Their hard work and discipline encouraged me to keep going. As I got older like high school age. I would see black belts in school who use to get there butt’s beat. It really didn’t make sense to me at the time because you would think someone who is trained would be better than someone who isn’t trained, at least that was the reasoning I had when I was 15. [Read more...]

Motion In Stillness – Let Go Of The Chaos

I was thinking that to often people start training in Kung Fu with high hopes and expectations. After awhile their enthusiasm starts to diminish. I believe the reason is because people believe they can train in Kung Fu for a couple of years and poof they are Bruce Lee.

Fists of Bruce Lee

Fists of Bruce Lee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reality is that it takes many years of training to reach the level that Bruce Lee was and in all fairness considering all things, he was good very good in fact. However he died far to young. I grew up on his movies. I remember when I was 9 years old thinking he was the best fighter on the planet. [Read more...]

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