Kung Fu – World Tai Chi Day

world tai chi day The crew from Enter Shaolin participated at a local World Tai Chi Day event yesterday. It’s nice to see the Tai Chi community coming together for a day to promote Tai Chi.

Like many when I first learned about Tai Chi I wasn’t very interested in it.

It seemed slow and pretty pointless. That was when I was looking at Tai Chi through the eyes of a person who didn’t understand exactly what it was.

The first 4 years of my training with Sifu Phu he kept suggesting that I start training in Tai Chi Chuan. I tried but I kept loosing interest in doing it.

Finally, after several years of training I hit a plateau in my training. It seemed like no matter what I did, I wasn’t able to stop using force in my martial art training. This really frustrated me because I was practicing all the time. Though, it was like the harder I trained the more difficult it was to soften up. [Read more...]

Understanding Chi Better

What is Chi?


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I know most of you at one time or another pondered this question.  I have thought about this for years myself.  We all possess the ability to call on our chi, but most folks don’t really realize they have it.

I found my chi so to speak by applying the concept of the “mind moves the chi.”  I first imagined that I had it, before I actually felt it. Overtime What I imagined I was able to feel.

Discovering My Chi Through Martial Arts

I have read tons on this subject of Chi, so from what I have read and experienced I believe, (DON”T QUOTE ME LOLS THIS IS JUST MY OPINION)

People who train there breathing in conjuction with their movements, like in the practice of Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Nei Kung etc.  Develop the ability to control the flow of their blood.

Taoist call it (Life Force) I just call it blood flow! I also noticed that being able to control your blood flow you are also able to control the pressure in your body. Chi is great for martial artist that use pressure control in their fighting.

Interpreting Chi Around The World

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The Hidden Treasure Of Tai Chi

BEIJING - JULY 31:  Beijing residents practice...
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Tai Chi is well known for helping to reverse the aging process.  Since the main focus of many Tai Chi school around the world focus on health and wellness. The Fighting techniques are vanishing and this writer feels that they need to be preserved.

While you can start gaining benefits from practicing Tai Chi right away, it could very well be years before you could use it in a combative sense and that is assuming the person teaching you is trained in combat.

Video On Tai Chi Health Benefits:

What has been lost seems to be the fighting applications of  Tai Chi, I believe a lot of that has to do with the fact that it really can take years to become proficient enough to apply them in actual combat.  But Tai Chi isn’t called the Grand Ultimate Fist for nothing. Hidden beneath the layers of form and energy lies a effective fighting art.

I started my training in Wing Chun and have always felt that it is great fighting art in it’s own right. However once I started diving into Tai Chi Chuan, I started to realize that Wing Chun barely scratches the surface when it comes to energy control.

This video demonstrates some of the possibilities applying Tai Chi to combat

As you can see from this video, that the techniques are choreographed and may not exactly work like that in real life. However it gives you an idea of what is possible using this art for self defense purposes.

Generally speaking, if you are looking for a place to train and want to start learning the combat side of the Grand Ultimate Fist, make sure you find a place that focus’s much of their training on push hands. Just like Wing Chun’s (Chi Sao) bridges the gap between sparring and fighting.  Tai Chi’s push hands training has a similar effect.

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