Fake Kung Fu Vs Real Kung Fu

Knowing The Difference Between Real Kung Fu And Fake Kung fu

Recently I was trolling YouTube looking for interesting martial art videos and I came across some that made me sit back and really re – think if something is real or not.  First realizing just how powerful our minds are. Our mind does exactly what we tell it to do.  I’ve been looking at different clips of people who are getting slammed for teaching what they are teaching because some martial artists call it fake. I disagree, none of it is fake. It’s really a matter of perception.

For example this clip

While I will totally agree that what this person is doing will never work on a real fighter who is out for blood or anyone who refuses to let their mind become open to suggestion. What I think people are missing is the reality that some people not only buy into it. It actually works on them.

Therefore to call it fake isn’t 100% accurate. What has me concerned more than anything about these video, is he clearly has a school of students that are buying into his mumbo jumbo. I feel bad for his students who go out there and try and use those skills in an actual fight.

A good example of the same thing being done is in this video. [Read more...]

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Working With The Muk Yan Jong

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Women’s Self Defense – Basic Defense When Being Choked From The Front

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