Kung Fu Teachers Online – Tearing Down Communication Barriers

Who Are The Real Kung Fu Teachers Online?

Clearly when I started this website I should of had a more clear intention with what I was going to do at this webspace. The irony was when I bought this domain I never even heard of a game called ” World Of Kung Fu”, If I had I wouldn’t have bought the domain.

So to those of you who are here looking for a computer game sorry to disappoint you.  For the rest of you, please enjoy your stay look around you will find a ton of interesting articles pertaining to the world of Kung Fu. [Read more...]

Beginners Learning Kung Fu Online – Reaction Vs Response

Beginners Learning Kung fu Online?

Reaction Vs ResponseI suppose this has been a long time coming. I have been filming my Sifu since 2009 on youtube. For the past few months we have been working on a website to bring our method of Kung Fu to the internet.

My business partners over at EnterShaolin.com thought I should start making videos myself. Well I finally decided to start creating videos :-)

This first kung fu lesson is about getting rid of a bad habit.  Most beginner Kung Fu Students tend to react to aggressive stimulus rather than respond to it.  In martial arts reacting to your opponent is a bad thing. Why? Because a reaction is something like flinching or chasing someones hand. If your not careful those reactions can turn into very bad habits, especially if your opponent is a skilled martial artist. [Read more...]

MMA is Slaughtering The Kung Fu Guy On TV

This particular video is a little old but it had me thinking about the martial arts, television and greed. It’s clear to me that Joe Rogan never actually went toe to toe with a real kung fu martial artist.

He talks a lot of smack, but at the end of the day he is just a loud mouth promoter trying to make a buck. I am not sure what happened in the 90′s that caused so much mis information in the martial arts community. [Read more...]

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