Kung Fu Training – Are you Driving Energy Or Pushing Energy?

Kung Fu TrainingOften times martial art practitioners end up pushing energy rather than driving energy. The result is their attacks aren’t as powerful as they can be and sometimes they tend to over shoot their intended target.

Another problem occurs because ultimately the longer a person practices pushing energy the harder the habit is to break. I know through training with people some folks don’t realize they are pushing energy.

They will swear up and down that they are not pushing energy until I demonstrate to them the difference. Then the process of correcting the bad habit that was formed begins. [Read more…]

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Understanding the Purpose Of Cross Arm Don Chi – Wing Chun Training

Wing Chun is an amazing martial art. It has a very colorful history, throughout the years people have held to the idea that less is more. There are lots of politics in Wing Chun, though I am sure there are lots of politics in all the different martial arts.

What I believe separates Wing Chun from other martial art systems is that it relies on a persons skill to work rather than a persons strength.  If there is anything I learned in my own Wing Chun training it’s that patience is a virtue.

Often times I tell my own students that if you took someone who was doing MMA style fighting, they might fair better than someone who does TMA style fighting not because one is superior than the other, but because the MMA way of fighting is to get in the ring and start working it out. The TMA style of training is more interested if foundation is strong.

When I first started training, I struggled when I sparred against MMA (type) martial artist, I say type because many styles make up MMA… I only knew a handful of techniques in my first 5 years of training.  My sensitivity was still at a baby stage.  There is much more to this story that I will share at my other blog. For now though check out a new video we uploaded on the basics of Cross Arm Don Chi Sau


3 Things To Consider When Looking For A Wing Chun School

Learning How To Do The Wing Chun Jut Sao or Sau


Kung Fu Action Is Heating Up In July

Kung Fu Action – Enter Shaolin Hosting Their Second Webinar

The first webinar Enter Shaolin did went very well. This one promises to be even better. Here what Sifu Phu has to say about it.


This one is going to hit some grappling hot buttons. We don’t do Jujitsu so the information you will be getting from this seminar is about grappling through the eyes of a Kung Fu practitioner.

People really loved our first webinar so if you have the time I highly recommend that you try and attend our next one. The best part is it’s FREE! If you can’t make it live that’s okay you can always catch the replay.

In this webinar…

You will learn about our Ngo Dac Na fundamental grappling and locking techniques WARNING: This is NOT BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) grappling. Instead we will teach you the Ngo Dac Na way of grappling, as well as teach you some of our locking techniques.

You are going to learn:

  • What To Do In Grappling Situations
  • How To Not Strain When Applying Locks
  • How To Use Energy Opposed To Strength
  • How To Use Technique As Opposed To Force

You will also learn:

  • How To Use Dead Weight
  • Channeling On The Ground
  • The Bite
  • Balancing Your Locks
  • Understanding The Principles Of Locking

This is going to be a live event, so mark your calendar and be prepared to learn!

Click This Link To Register Today!

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