Martial Arts – Does Size Matter?

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Throughout the years here in the United States we have been programmed by the media to accept the standards of things like boxing, mma etc.. We pit people against each other who have equal physical attributes.  This type of pairing creates a false sense of reality.

In real life chances of you coming across a person who has studied  martial arts is slim to none. Furthermore you will more than likely never come across someone who is the same height , size and strength who wants to smash your face in..

The reality of true martial arts is size, strength or any other physical attribute matters not. What matters in real martial arts is a persons skill. Once you take away a persons strength all they have left is their skill. It is from a standpoint of skill where we can truly level the playing field.

Whilst I  like all martial arts and think all of them have real value to teach. I also feel that in many places the essence of martial arts isn’t there.  I don’t claim to be a bad ass or anything like that.  All I can say is I started training official in martial arts when I was in 3rd grade.. I am now 36 years old and martial arts is a big part of my life. [Read more...]

Fuk Sao Used In Wing Chun

The Fuk Sao is a very effective weapon in the Wing Chun arsenal.  It is a great defensive and offensive weapon. You wanna keep your elbows down when using a fuk , if they should lift up it will weaken your structure.

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Have We Really Made Progress In The Martial Arts World?

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Seems like everyday some new truth is coming out on what good martial arts is. Have we begun to become so arrogant to believe that 1,000 years ago they didn’t see the need to cross train in other styles of martial arts. We are a culture who feed off of t.v as our source for information.  The media can paint any picture it likes and the masses unfortunately will buy into what the media tells them to.

While I enjoy good martial arts matches things like the UFC and other MMA outlets have made a circus out of something many of us have the utmost respect for.

Not to take away from what MMA is  because there is a lot of good knowledge that has come from mixed martial artist fighters. It has made many people realize just how important cross training really is. Especially if you are preparing for the unknown.

But it seems like many people in the MMA camp mostly the youth, see mixed martial arts as the only way to win a fight. This has turned an idea and solidified it into law.  When a person takes a martial art and makes it law it becomes stagnant it is at that point a person can no longer learn and their cup is now full.

Empty your cup and always stay in a continual state of learning , this is the best way to assure growth in your training.

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Cool Flick!

This Really enjoyed watching this movie, it was a good example of using martial arts in free form.

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