The Undying Art Of Wing Chun Kung Fu

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Who would have thought that wing chun kung fu started from a woman who was forced to marry a warlord?

Yim Wing Chun was a woman being coerced into marriage. She sought guidance from a Shaolin Buddhist nun and was introduced into craft or art of self-defense.  This fighting art, just like any other art form, was passed from teacher to students verbally which is perhaps why finding or unearthing the history of Wing Chun was challenging.

Wing Chun, upon mastering the then nameless fighting style, fought the warlord she was forced to marry. She defeated the warlord and eventually, married a man she truly loved.  Because of this, the fighting style was named after Wing Chun. [Read more…]

Martial Arts – Does Size Matter?

Mixed martial arts bout

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Throughout the years here in the United States we have been programmed by the media to accept the standards of things like boxing, mma etc.. We pit people against each other who have equal physical attributes.  This type of pairing creates a false sense of reality.

In real life chances of you coming across a person who has studied  martial arts is slim to none. Furthermore you will more than likely never come across someone who is the same height , size and strength who wants to smash your face in..

The reality of true martial arts is size, strength or any other physical attribute matters not. What matters in real martial arts is a persons skill. Once you take away a persons strength all they have left is their skill. It is from a standpoint of skill where we can truly level the playing field.

Whilst I  like all martial arts and think all of them have real value to teach. I also feel that in many places the essence of martial arts isn’t there.  I don’t claim to be a bad ass or anything like that.  All I can say is I started training official in martial arts when I was in 3rd grade.. I am now 36 years old and martial arts is a big part of my life. [Read more…]

Kung Fu – The Illusion Of Strength

Kung Fu – Are You A Mighty Oak Tree?

There are only 2 types of fighters in the world. Those that use their strength and those that use skill. Unless you understand the principles of energy you will always loose to a stronger opponent. Interestingly enough is the fact that unless there is a resisting force it is impossible for strength to be used against you.

Kung Fu – For Every Action There Is An Opposite And Equal Reaction

Kung Fu – Final Thoughts

Misty Kung Fu Fighting by ShelltoonTV
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I have always believed that a true self defense system is one that a small woman would be able to use effectively against an attacker. I have heard some pretty silly things when it comes to self – defense for example  I had a conversation with a woman who told me she was taught in a class to get raped and don’t resist it. In this way you will be able to live another day.

My jaw dropped, there are like a million and 1 different things you can do in rape situations , laying their like a dead fish is not one of the options I would choose, nor is it one of the “techniques” I would want my daughters to use.

Understanding how to connect, conform and control energy is the great equalizer.  knowing this and a 240lb man can do nothing to a 130lb woman.  Just look at Bruce Lee, in reality he was a small man. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe he was around 125lbs when he was making Enter The Dragon. He could seriously kick the snot out of a 300lb man.

Ultimately it is not the person who trains harder that will be the victor, it is the person that trains smarter that will if you know what I mean.

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