About Me Larry Rivera

My name is Larry Rivera,

I started this blog because I love kung fu & martial arts in general. I believe what Bruce Lee said when he said use “no way as way”.

I’ve been training with my Sifu for over 20 years and I’ve been involved with martial arts for most of my life. That comes out to being about 30 + years dedicated to martial arts.  I hope to share some insights into this mysterious world we call martial arts.  Part of being a martial artist is being open to learning new ideas.

I believe that in order to truly be a skilled martial artist you need to be a humble seeker that thrives on knowledge. We created a website where you can go that is a safehaven for those of you who wish to follow your passion without feeling like you have to deal with peoples ego’s etc.. You can find our communty @ http://entershaolin.com

You an also find me at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KungFuAddiction

I look forward to meeting you

Larry Rivera

This is a picture of Sifu Larry Rivera, Sigung Phu Ngo & Sifu Todd Walsh, my kung fu family