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Boxes, athletes and martial arts fighters usually have their own nutritionist and medical team that dictate what they should eat – their fight diet. What about Shaolins who lives in and train in temples or in an excluded place? They do not have nutritionists or whatsoever. Do they also follow a certain fight diet regimen?

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Shaolin warriors are known around the world for their focus and dedication in their training of traditional kung fu. They have devoted their lives in their beliefs, practices and training to become righteous persons and perfect warriors. They wake up early in the morning to meditate for hours and become one with the nature. These Shaolin warriors start their kung fu training with an empty stomach and do their drills after their meditation. This is the first part of their training. Afterward, they go and eat their first meal of the day then go straight to their teachers for the second part. They spend most of their time doing intense physical and mental trainings. This discipline requires them to endure this kind of lifestyle which enables them to withstand such hardship.

Shaolin’s Fight Diet

The traditional fight diet of Shaolin consists of rice, fruits and vegetables. Rice has always been a common food in China for so many years. Shaolins usually boil or steam the rice or make noodles out of it. Rice is one the main dishes in their fight diet because it is not just nutritious, it can also come from different variety. Of course vegetables like sprouts, beans, taro and bok choy are also important in their healthy diet. While other people prepare these vegetables in many different ways, Shaolin fighters do not. They boil and steam these vegetables or just eat them raw because they believe that cooking might reduce the nutrients that these vegetables can give. Fruits like bananas, figs, apples are also included in their diet. These fruits give them the necessary energy they need as they train hard everyday.

Shaolins prepare their food in simple ways. They believe that they should live life in the humblest, simplest way possible, that’s why their simplicity also extends in their daily activities including the way they prepare their food and eat.

Kung fu is a very strenuous activity. Proper fight diet is required to nourish these warriors properly. Aside from carbohydrates, protein is very important as a source of energy and is necessary for tissue repair. Though meat is a very good source of these dietary needs and is usually part of a fight diet, Shaolins do not eat meat. To overcome this gap, they go into non animal protein sources such as soy beans, almonds, peanuts, tofu and seitan (can be made from soy protein or wheat gluten¬)

Shaolins are prohibited to drink beers or any alcoholic beverages and use drugs. They believe that these substances can affect the mind and body by breaking your concentration and keeping you away from your balance. They also avoided spices such as garlic, onions and ginger for they believe that the flavor of these spices can stir up emotions that can blur Shaolin warriors’ spirit and mind. One main objective of being a Shaolin is to live in purity. That is why these are excluded in their fight diet and lifestyle.

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