Why So Much Kung Fu Confucius Mumbo Jumb Stuff?

Ever Wonder Why Kung Fu Sifu’s (teachers) Talk In Riddles?

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I was just thinking about all those old kung fu movie’s, you know the ones where the wise old teacher bestows wisdom on their student.

Usually the student walks away scratching their head wondering what the heck was just said to them.  I think partly the problem is that in many instances there aren’t words to explain  what it means to be sensitive.

That is because it’s a feeling more than it is a thought.  I remember when I first started taking kung fu classes that I would go home and watch kung fu videos  and it just looked like chop kick, kick, chop, block .


It wasn’t until I started feeling energy move through my body did I start seeing how it flows through the body. It took me many years of diligent practice, trial, error, bruises to get rid of my own ignorance so to speak :)

Kung Fu – Still Confused?

To Study Martial Arts You Must Select The Right

They see the Jackie Chan flicks, they hear the crime horror tales, and they know that if they knew something like Karate or Kung Fu they would be in better shape if they got attacked. The choice becomes one of, do you study

Kung Fu or Wu Shu? Modern or Traditional? Performance Art or

Kung Fu: A term usually utilised in the Chinese language for everyone who gains a skill by means of time and effort. A carpenter would have good kung fu in laying carpets, a tailor would good kung fu in sewing clothes,


Kung fu

I used to love this show…..David Carradine Kung fu….Produced by The Stronghold



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  1. says

    I thought you guys just talked that way to make your students more introspective. You know self reflection= self improvement. Besides it just sounds cool, especially if the lips aren’t moving in sink with the words.

  2. says

    I imagined you men just talked that way to make your college students far more introspective. You know self reflection= self advancement. Aside from it just seems cool, specially if the lips aren’t heading in sink with the phrase

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