To Chi Or Not To Chi, That Is The Question

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Okay the title sucks! but I really couldn’t think of any other title for this post. Today I am going to talk about Chi or at least how I perceive it to be. Often I find that when I start teaching someone the concepts of Chi there eyes start to glaze over and they have no idea what I am talking about.

People make fun of things they don’t understand.  What people don’t realize is that all of us have Chi, but most of us don’t understand the language of Chi.

In Wing Chun  you understand it as “Talking Hands” or Sensing Hands. Believe it or not your body talks. The moment you make contact with your opponent the conversation begins. Did you know that just a small little insignificant thought can change the entire conversation in a blink of an eye?

There is a saying “The Mind Moves The Chi”

Try This: Tell someone to just grab your arm. All that I want you to do is look straight ahead, every time your arm is grabbed don’t think about anything simply get your eyes to go to the spot that was just grabbed and just let your body move. Again it is important that you do not think about it, rather as soon as your eyes make contact with it, just let go and feel.

It helps to have a training partner who is not trying to beat the snot out of you. This drill won’t make you kick people’s butt better or anything like that. This drill is to simply help you let go of yourself. So that you can hear what your opponent is saying to you.

Chi doesn’t exist for you until you actually feel energy. Before you can do that you need to imagine Chi  first. The drill I shared with you will help you connect your imagination to your Chi. It is through imagination that you will learn to develop a deeper level of feeling.



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