Shaolin Kung Fu Influenced Many Other Styles

Shaolin Monastery
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Countless men and women who have heard Shaolin Kung Fu are eager to discover the correct way to punch through a 12 inches thick concrete wall in addition to how to walk on the flat surface of a big river or lake. Allow me to assure you, those are not possible. Those techniques surely have been long lost. Even if those techniques still exist, it would take decades of training as full-time Kung Fu student to reach mastery.

Martial arts like Karate, Judo, and Tai Kwan Do are in fact variants of the techniques that originated from Shaolin Kung Fu. Suffice to say, no other sorts of martial arts in the entire world is as abundant in techniques and as effective as the Shaolin Kung Fu. (To put it simple, Shaolin Kung Fu beats all other martial arts)

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Shaolin Kung Fu

I like this video very much -that is why I post it here. I’ve watched it different times and maybe you too. But I hope you will like the possibility to watch it once more.

Tiger and Crane Shaolin Kung Fu | Tan Dao

Lawrence wrote, directed, and was featured in this 1982 video, Tiger and Crane Shaolin Kung Fu. We were surprised to find a few of these on You Tube.

Totally realistic shaolin kung fu fighting

Shaolin – A Tree That has many branches

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Shaolin kung fu has influenced so many different martial arts around the world that it can be confusing as to what the true nature of shaolin really is.  Out of the shaolin temple came the 5 animal styles Dragon,Snake,Crane,Tiger and Leopard. These styles represent the shaolin arts.  Interestingly enough it is said that Wing Chun comes from Snake and Crane systems.

The shaolin fighting arts where started not for battle but for health by a man named  Bodhidharma. He traveled to china from India when he arrived at the Shaolin temple he found a bunch of weak and lazy monks. Since he believed that the true way to enlightenment was through exercise so the story goes.

Shaolin Monk Balances on 2 Fingers

Here is some stuff I found  online…

history of shaolin kung fu

Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamental Training |

Drawing from his extensive knowledge of Northern Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu and Southern Shaolin White Crane Crane Kung Fu (Gongfu), world reknown author and teacher Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming explains and instructs the basic training.
they chose a spot in an area of lin (lin meaning young or new trees) as the place for the temple ; and this came to be the name of the temple >shaolin ( sillum in cantonese) temple . …

The World Of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu
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Shaolin Kung Fu is probably one of the more popular branches of Kung Fu. Because of Shaolin kung fu and their legends. A ton of martial arts movies have been made about shaolin’s fighting monks and their hero‘s.

Check out these Shaolin Kung Fu Movies:

Heroes of Shaolin (1977)

The two-part story was directed by William Chang and co-written by Chang and relatively unknown kung-fu film writer Chang Hsin Yee. Like many kung fu movies from the late 1970s, the main theme of the film focuses on revenge, …

Shaolin Soccer (2001) movie download page – TF.ORG

After a fateful mistake costing his career, an ex-soccer player bum meets a shaolin kung fu student trying to spread the word of kung fu. … TF.ORG, Art belongs to people – TF.ORG – The Films – movies download portal …

Eighteen Claws of Shaolin | Watch Kung Fu

Martial Arts Movies Eighteen Claws of Shaolin (also known as 18 Jade Pearls) may not be up to the same standards as a classic Shaw Bros epic, but there’s an.

shaolin kungfu monks

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